1.1. “GTC” shall mean the present General Terms and Conditions of the Supply contracts of the respective company UAB “EUROOPASSA”, registration code: 135896640, address: Molėtų pl. 11, LT-08409 Vilnius, Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as “EUROOPASSA”).
1.2. All offers, agreements, and deliveries, including those arising from the future contractual relationships, between EUROOPASSA and its contractual partner (hereinafter referred to as “CUSTOMER”) are subject to these GTC.
1.3. The CUSTOMER, when placing an order with EUROOPASSA, expressly, irrevocably, and completely confirms and agrees to these GTC.
1.4. Any terms and conditions on the part of the CUSTOMER are considered as rejected by EUROOPASSA and are valid only if they have been expressly accepted in writing by EUROOPASSA, in particular, the provision of deliveries or services on the part of EUROOPASSA does not indicate the acceptance of the CUSTOMER’s terms and conditions.
1.5. Amendments or modifications to these GTC are only valid if they have been made in writing. In cases of discrepancies or contradictions, the written provisions resulting from specific written agreements supersede those in these GTC.
1.6. If individual provisions of these GTC be or become void or invalid, this in no way affects the applicability or validity of the remaining provisions of these GTC and/or the contractual relationships.
1.7. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing in individual agreements, the respective legal seat (address) of EUROOPASSA is deemed to be the place of performance.
1.8. The current version of the valid and binding GTC is always posted on the Internet at:

2.1. In all of its business relationships, EUROOPASSA holds to the principles of good faith and expects its CUSTOMERS to reciprocate.
2.2. Ethical principles such as the individual rights of third parties, safeguarding human rights, the prohibition against child labor, protection of the environment, etc. are strictly observed by EUROOPASSA and its CUSTOMERS.
3.1. Content: The internet offerings of EUROOPASSA, have been very carefully prepared. They are continuously being expanded and updated.
3.2. Nonetheless, EUROOPASSA assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information.
3.3. Product information: the material on offer on this web page is intended to provide the reader with general information. It is in no way intended to be a substitute for any commercial, technical and/or other professional advice.
3.4. EUROOPASSA takes no responsibility for damages, injuries or losses resulting from this information.
3.5. Hyperlinks: The hyperlinks used on EUROOPASSA web page are in no way to be seen as representing recommendations. The accuracy and validity of the information shown there is not examined. EUROOPASSA takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the usage of this information.
A) Offers and Orders
4.1. The information provided by EUROOPASSA in its sales documentation is not binding. On the other hand, the product specifications and prices indicated in EUROOPASSA’s written offers shall be binding during the period of validity of the relevant offer.
4.2. Any order placed by a CUSTOMER is only deemed to have been accepted by EUROOPASSA once EUROOPASSA has confirmed the order in writing. Offers on the part of EUROOPASSA therefore merely represent invitations made to the CUSTOMER to submit an order.
4.3. Once the CUSTOMER’s order has been accepted by EUROOPASSA in writing, the order cannot be changed or corrected. Modifications or cancellations of individual orders or the withdrawal from framework orders are only permitted with the writing approval of EUROOPASSA.
B) Manufacturing
4.4. EUROOPASSA starts the production of the ordered products or goods (hereinafter referred to as “PRODUCTS”) or any other performance by the CUSTOMER’s placed order and/or the concluded preliminary contract, only after the CUSTOMER has made an advance payment in the amount of 70% of the ordered PRODUCTS.
4.5. If an agreement has been reached with the CUSTOMER, and the CUSTOMER, after a 70% prepayment (refer to Provision 4.4) and after EUROOPASSA already started the production of the ordered PRODUCTS or any other performance related to the CUSTOMER’s placed order, for any reason, expresses the will to terminate the agreement and/or refuse the order, the 70% prepayment of the CUSTOMER is not returned and remains to EUROOPASSA as a fine and payment of undeniable losses. If the actual amount of EUROOPASSA losses incurred due to the agreement termination or order refusal made by the CUSTOMER exceeds the amount of the 70% prepayment, the CUSTOMER is obliged to reimburse the full amount of EUROOPASSA losses.
4.6. All risks regarding the resale of ordered PRODUCTS lie with the CUSTOMER. EUROOPASSA takes no responsibility for the recommended retail price and is under no obligation to take back unsold PRODUCTS from the CUSTOMER or to provide help with the custom or with marketing assistance to promote the sale of ordered PRODUCTS.
4.7. The CUSTOMER is fully responsible for ensuring that the PRODUCT ordered by the CUSTOMER and manufactured by EUROOPASSA meets the legal or any other requirements (of quality, composition, materials, packaging, etc.) in the place where the CUSTOMER intends to sell this PRODUCT. EUROOPASSA itself does not analyze these requirements and in the manufacture of the PRODUCT is guided exclusively by the CUSTOMER’s order.
4.8. If a CUSTOMER provides EUROOPASSA with some or all ingredients or raw materials required to manufacture a PRODUCT, the CUSTOMER takes all responsibility for the quality of that exact ingredient or raw material and its compatibility with all other ingredients required in the manufacture of the final PRODUCT. EUROOPASSA itself does not check the quality and compatibility of the CUSTOMER’s provided ingredient or raw material. In the manufacture of the PRODUCT, EUROOPASSA is guided exclusively by the CUSTOMER’s order.
4.9. If a CUSTOMER provides EUROOPASSA with some or all ingredients or raw materials required to manufacture the PRODUCT, EUROOPASSA will become the sole owner of the PRODUCT resulting from the processing of the ingredients or raw materials. The CUSTOMER accepts a loss of ingredients or raw materials of 10% as a result of the processing of his ingredients or raw materials. Should this loss be larger, a written agreement between the parties is required.
4.10. If the CUSTOMER orders only services from EUROOPASSA (for example, the services of mixing the CUSTOMER’s ingredients for the final product, packaging of the CUSTOMER