Euroopassa builds its business on the principles of high ethical standards, respect for clients, and social responsibility.

The ethical standards of the company are stipulated in the internal Code of Ethics and cover the following areas: the internal community of the company, socially responsible practices, and the environment affected by our operations.

The employees at Euroopassa are driven by the Group’s values and are dedicated to the culture of honesty, courtesy, and reliability, both towards colleagues and clients. We act with responsibility and strive to inspire others for a shared mission – delivering the best healthcare solutions and building a structure able to grow independently in order to produce and deliver top-quality products that contribute significantly to the improvement of public health.

We expect our business partners to share our ethical values and respect them like we do.

As a socially responsible company, Euroopassa strives to ensure that its activities do not adversely affect society and have an important role in improving the living conditions within society. The company encourages and supports the volunteering efforts of its employees and the public for the benefit of society. We do not tolerate any form of corruption and seek to prevent it both internally and externally.

If you encounter any violations of work practices, ethics, or corruption, you can report them anonymously by email:

Euroopassa business ethics code